Coming Soon

We are happy to announce that we will soon offer book services. These include proofreading, formatting, and possibly editing. Proofing and editing will be offered on a limited, project by project basis.

We will be offering formatting for any project using Vellum, the software that creates the most beautiful books out there today. If you want an image of some kind (a swirling scroll, a flower, a button or emblem, any kind of small graphic) for chapter headings and dividers between scenes (instead of asterisks) this software will do it. If you want a script drop cap, at the beginning of the chapter, no other software does it as nicely as Vellum.

As we get closer to bringing formatting to you, we will update this page with samples of what the formatted pages will look like and our prices for ebook and print books. Right now, we are thinking of using flat fee pricing based on the size of the book (number of pages or word count.)

We look forward to making your books look great inside and out.