We take on websites on a project by project basis depending upon whether we have other websites we are currently working on. Authors/clients new to the internet without domain or hosting may incur a slightly high cost due to the consult time needed to get them started.

Custom graphic base price: $60 (does not include installation on your website, you must provide the size in pixels)

WordPress setup only (install WordPress and plugins, set up pages and/or blog, does not include creation of graphics): $200

Full WordPress Website base price: $350
(an additional charge may ensue if your backlist is over 25 books due to the amount of time it takes to create all the pages)

Discount available if you wish to use images from

Please be aware that Winterheart Design is not responsible for creating/writing your site’s content. Each client is responsible for writing the text to be placed on their site. We are also not responsible for searching out all the badges you want to display for various organizations, downloading all your book covers and seeking out your book buy links. This is all material you need to provide for placement on your site.

Websites & Website Graphics